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Cinematographer: Alex Srednoselac

Samantha George on May 1, 2018


As a filmmaker, when you connect with something it may influence you to create work that is similar or inspired by the impact it left you. In the case of our “EXPOSED” crew member of the week, Cinematographer Alex Srednoselac, he fell in love with a song his friend had written. Quickly enough, he developed a story and created a music video for it.

On the job: Alex Srednoselac, theater supervisor, budding filmmaker

Joyce Russell on June 21, 2015


PORTAGE | When Alex Srednoselac was working as a projectionist at the Portage 16 IMAX theater, he'd tell himself that one day someone would be showing one of his films on the big screen.

"There was something cool and unique about running the movies," Srednoselac said about the projectionist job. "The movies would come in reels and we'd put them together. It was my favorite job and the one I miss the most."

That was a few years ago. Srednoselac, 24, is now a shift supervisor for the theater and a budding film maker. He's produced three public service announcements and an announcement video that run at the Portage 16 and other Goodrich Quality Theater properties.

Local Filmmaker Enjoying Successes With Goodrich Quality Theaters

Andrew Rowe on March 23, 2015


Alex Srednoselac has been a filmmaker and a storyteller for nearly half his life. He grew up watching movies and creating stories and characters in his head. This creativity has led Alex to Goodrich Quality Theaters, in Portage, where he’s been able to bring those stories and characters to life in the form “no cell phone” PSA’s that have been shown before feature films in over thirty of Goodrich’s theaters in the region. Alex has had three of his PSA’s featured over the last year which creatively highlight the theaters policy of no cell use allowed during films.

Purdue Calumet students excel in national scriptwriting competition

Logan Julien on March 25, 2014


HAMMOND | Claiming a first place tie, second place and honorable mention, Purdue University Calumet communication students added to the university’s growing list of honors earned at the annual Broadcast Education Association Festival in Media Arts Student Scriptwriting competition.


During the recent 2014 competition, a team of five Purdue Calumet students shared first place in the TV Spec category. Three other students collaborated to earn a TV Spec second place, while a recent graduate took home an honorable mention in the Short Subject category.

Team S'mores Presents 'Candy Land'

Rebecca Rossi on September 25, 2012


Popular to watch and fun to make references to, movies and their influences are inescapable. Consider the phrase, "Make my day," from Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry," the ending of "Titanic" and the entire empire built on Chuck Norris and Mr. T jokes. Without film, integral parts of pop culture would not exist. 


Most are satisfied with simply watching movies. Some individuals, such as senior broadcasting major Bob Anderson, turn their enjoyment into a desire to create films. Though Anderson has viewed wide array of films, he draws most of his inspiration from real life.